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The Impact of social media in sports – for students

In today’s world lot of students are ignoring sports because of they just addicted to social media and other kinds of technological platforms. This is a very big impact on their education & as well as for health. Sports help us to build up our lives from various ways. there is an old saying that “If you need a healthy mind you must have a healthy body”, why do we need healthy mind? every student tries to do best in the academics. From the day we start schooling our aim is to get high results. but, only academic do not make a perfect student. for students to succeed at academics, it is important to be healthy and fit. to be healthy and improve fitness engaging with sports are very important. Then it will make your life easier. From the academic education we can improve our brain and from the sports & exercise we can be healthy. also, it is proved that sports & exercise helps to increase the memory power of a human. most of the time we can see students who are doing sports are performing well in their academics, they get high marks for exams, they are more actively participate for school activities than students who are not doing sports.  It is very important for students to get healthy all the time. These days, we can see students are going through with lot of health issues due to the lack of sports and exercises. Student should learn how to balance sports and academic education. 

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